Pregnant women should wear proper, durable, comfortable and a quality maternity bra whenever they exercise, according to a health expert.

Dr. Daniel Zaake, a gynaecologist at Nsambya Hospital, said that pregnant women should exercise in order to reduce constipation. However, they should wear the proper underwear and lingerie such as maternity bras whenever they do so. Zaake said that exercising during pregnancy decreases the possibility of constipation by accelerating bowel movement as well as the wear and tear in the joints. Zaake explained that during pregnancy, joints usually have the tendency to wear and tear because of the changes in hormonal levels.

“Exercising prepares a mother for birth. Strong muscles and a fit heart can greatly ease labour and delivery. Gaining control over breathing can help a woman manage pain. And in the event of a lengthy labour, increased endurance can be of great help,” Zaake affirms.

Swimming & aqua aerobics are a great way to stay fit and healthy whilst pregnant. A wide range of maternity swimwear is available for extra support.

Another expert also said that exercising during pregnancy makes the expectant mother strong. This is because her energy levels are increased. Exercising during pregnancy also relieves the pregnant mother from possible back aches.

The health experts also explained that by wearing proper maternity bras, the posture of the pregnant mothers will be strengthened and their muscles toned. They also said that with regular exercise, a mother is able to regain her pre-pregnancy body more quickly. They should really just do the exercise routines the proper way and they should wear comfortable clothes as well as lingerie, they said.


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